My School Years

Before too long I was of age to go to school. Elementary school started at 9 am, we would get out for lunch at noon, walk home to eat and then return at 1 pm and go until 2:30 pm. We had chores to do in the morning before we started school. Paul would milk the cow since he was the oldest boy and I would chop wood and bring it in. Then we would head off to school. The old Elementary school was across the street from where Blanding Elementary is right now in the baseball field. It was a brick building with 6 class rooms one class for each grade, and 2 class rooms in the basement. I remember walking to school in the morning and being afraid of the dogs I would pass on the way to school. I was a shy and timid boy in school and an average student. My favorite subject was Science. I never learned to enjoy reading in my younger years. My favorite teacher growing up was my 5th grade teacher named Lynda Lyman. She was a very nice teacher. By the time I was in the 5th grade the town of Blanding had grown enough that we had to open up the classrooms in the basement this is where I spent my 5th grade year.
I started 6th grade in the old highschool, Andy Mikesell was my best friend we would walk back and forth to school together. In Highschool I sang in Reeva Redd’s choir she was a great choir director and only allowed certain people in the choir. Choir was something I was good at and really enjoyed. This was one of my talents that followed me through Highschool and College and even into my mission. Highschool years went by fast and once I graduated I decided to go to college.

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