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My Biggest Dream:


My Main Regret:

I let 614 get away from the family. They trusted me to fix it up.

My Greatest Achievement:

Being young Howard's Mom!!!

My Favorite Sport:

Not a sports person...

My Happiest Day(s):

In Fairbanks Alaska, with the family.

My Favorite Music:

I love music.

My Favorite Singer:
My Favorite Flower:
My Favorite Book:
My Favorite Movie:

The Sound of Music

My Favorite Vacation Spot:

Anywhere Howard and I went to.

My Favorite Food:
My Favorite Dessert:
My Favorite Leisure Activity:

Computer and Reading

My Favorite Childhood Memory:
Memories of My Hometown:
Memories of My Brother(s):
Memories of My Sister(s):
Memories of My Grandparents:
Memories of My Religious or Conversion Experience:
My Favorite Pets:
Memories of My First Job:
My Favorite Teacher:
My High School Extracurricular Activities:
Me as a Mischievous Child:
My Favorite Boss:
My Favorite Co-Worker:

Mona Drexler, Nanci Boles & Sharon Williams

My Favorite Toy:
My Favorite Car:

My first car 1978 Dodge Dart

My Favorite Family Weekends:
Our Family Reunions:
My Life’s Greatest Influencers :
My Favorite College Memories:
My Favorite Dorm or Fraternity/Sorority Memories:
How I Selected My Career:
Instruments I Played:
My First Date Stories:
How We Met:
When I Knew We Would Get Married:
Our Engagement Story:
Our Wedding Day:
Our Honeymoon:
Our First Home:
Our First House:
What I Love About My Spouse Now:
My Easter Memories:
My Christmas Memories:
My Thanksgiving Memories:
My Holiday Memories:
My Memories of Swimming:
My Memories of Camping:
My First Airplane Trip:
My Frist Time Traveling Abroad:
A Family Tragedy:
My Early Collections:

Collected old pennies as a kid.

My Early Hobbies:
My Favorite Charity:

Center for Success

My Favorite School Subject:
My Favorite Volunteer Work:
My Favorite Advice from My Mother:
My Favorite Advice from My Father:

There will always be people with more than you and there will always be people with less than you, so it doesn't really matter.

My Memories of an Accident:
My Most Treasured Possession(s):
My Memories While We Were Expecting Baby:
My Advice to Others:
Our Family Customs: