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As You Tell Your Stories, Porch Swing Automatically Builds Your Book and Your Website

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We Help You Put Your Memories in a book and on a Website

Tell Your Story

Write Your Story, Leave Your Legacy

Our grandchildren should know more about us than we know about our grandparents.

Three steps to saving your stories forever:

Your Website

1. Signup for Porch Swing

Porch Swing Coaches

2. Use your website to tell the stories you’ve told before

Your Story

3. We will print your stories in a book


We’ve created the best combination of tools, technology and staff to help you succeed

Our goal is to make it impossible for you to fail.

Filled with your favorite stories to share with family and friends

  • •  Hard Cover 
  • •  8″ x 10″ Landscape
  • •  Front and Back Cover Photos 
  • •  Sturdy, semi-gloss paper
  • • Professional Book Design
  • • Includes up to 48 pages 
  • • Additional pages $1/each
  • • 10% Discount for 5 books or more at one time

We make it easy to tell your stories.


  • • Chapter Prompts
  • • Memory Joggers
  • • Photo Box
  • • My Videos
  • • My Audio Recordings
  • • My Introductory Video
  • • In Others’ Words
  • • Me at a Glance
  • • Downloadable PDF
No worries, we will make sure you feel comfortable ​Our Story Coaches can get you from first word to book. You will get a 15-minute introductory session with a Story Coach to help you get started.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day Money Back GuaranteeIf you are not 100% satisfied with Porch Swing in the first 60 days, get your money back, no questions asked.

Special Introductory Offer $59

Includes help to get you started and 60 Day money back Guarantee
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“I have found that stories that my grandmother has told have inspired me to challenge myself and never give up on my dreams.”
– A grateful granddaughter
“Porch Swing has made it easy to copy over what I have done on my own to my Storysite”
“The folks at Porch Swing helped me write my life story”
“By doing this I’ve realized we’ve led a blessed life and it’s fun looking back on it. ”  
60 Day Money Back Guarantee