In Others' Words

Invite your friends and family to give their take on your story.

This gives it depth and they will enjoy sharing their feelings.  Here’s how to invite them:
  1. List below their names and email addresses. Add a note about what you would like them to share.
  2. Porch Swing will send them the email as shown and copy you.
  3. They email you their story additions and you can cut and paste their comments and pictures into a new chapter or an existing chapter of your story.
Email to Family and Friends: Hi – First Name Last Name is writing a few life stories on and they want your input. Would you mind taking a few moments to add to their story? It’s as easy as walking down memory lane. First Name especially wants you to write about: (what I want them to comment about) Here are a few additional ideas:
  1. Think about starting your message, Dear Grandpa, or Dear Mom, or whatever is appropriate.
  2. What is a favorite memory of your time with them?
  3. Consider saying one or two things you appreciate about them.
  4. Think about a funny time the two of you shared together.
  5. What is something you like best about them?
  6. What did the two of you enjoy doing together?
Feel free to attach pictures, or a video link if you want to leave a special message. When you are done, forward this email with your comments to first name. If you can, respond by one week from today, first name will appreciate it. Thanks for your time! The Folks at Porch Swing

First NameLast NameEmailWhat I want them to comment about
ReaganChalupnikEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Hi Reagan, would you please send me a short story -- just a few sentences will do.

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First NameLast NameEmailWhat I want them to comment about