You made the first step toward documenting your life story for future generations.

Start Here to Personalize Your Site

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Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t feel the need to begin your story at birth. Start by picking a time in your life that’s on your mind, or one that your family will enjoy.
  2. We’re not looking for a 500 page biography. Write short, 2-4 page chapters. Maybe 10-12 of them. And don’t worry about grammar and spelling – you can always clean it up later – and we can help with that!
  3. Ideas will come at unexpected times. Have a method for collecting these random thoughts on pen and paper, phone, etc.
  4. If you are comfortable with the technology, and your phone is equipped, speak into it instead of typing. You will want to go back and clean up spelling and grammar, but it’s a quick way of getting ideas from your mind into the website

Start above by giving your Story Site a title and an image. From there you can START MY STORY, then select a Chapter from our Chapter Topics list (or make up your own). We’ve also provided Memory Joggers to get you started.

Need help? Our Story Coaches are available at $39 per 30-minute session to help you write, navigate the site, or help with anything you need – even motivation. Just call us at 833-PORCH11 (833-767-2411) or hit SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.