Meeting My Future Wife Alveta Ann Lee

After the Vietnam War I went to Cedar College, I changed my major to Social Work. The classes were more my speed and I got better grades. I went to Cedar College for 2 years and that is where I met Alveta. She was working as a nurse at the hospital. I met and dated Alveta for 5-6 weeks and proposed to her. She told me she was still in love with her old boyfriend and so instead of buying a ring with the money I had saved up I bought an engine for my 62 Chevy. Then I decided to move home and build a dairy with my brother Don, so I didn’t go back to school after that. In January my cousin Evan Brown got married so I went to his wedding in Hurricane. Barbara and Virginia went with me and after the wedding they insisted that we go to Cedar City. Since I was in Cedar City I decided to see Alveta while I was there. The next day was Sunday and I new what time her ward was so I decided to attend church in her ward so I would have an excuse to see her. But I was disappointed when I went and could not see her so I decided to leave and she came running into church late. After Sacrament meeting I tracked her down, we decided that we both wanted to spend more time together so we went to a fireside together. Joseph Fielding Smith was the speaker and at that time was an apostle. After the fireside she told me that she would be moving back to Oklahoma, I was very disappointed that she would be moving so far away and thought that was it for us.  I went home and dated a few girls but all I could do was think about Alveta. On her way to Oklahoma she went to Blanding and we went to the Prom and before she left we got engaged. She left to Oklahoma we set our wedding date to June but she wanted me to go out first and meet her mom and dad. The engagement lasted longer than had planned when our plans were changed due to the army. At this time I was right at the end of my active reserve and I was called up on the 6th of July so we had to postpone going to see that parents and our wedding plans till after I got out of the reserves.  I went to California for my two weeks of reserve and flew from there to Oklahoma. I spent a week there I really liked her parents right off. Grandpa Lee didn’t like me very well at firs,t I found out later that he was going to run me off if I showed up in a black hat and black suit and had other wives but when he saw that I looked normal he warmed up to me. but I really like grandma lee, she was very nice to me and cooked so much good food. I really enjoyed my visit. When I flew in Richard picked me up. The first time I went and saw Alveta’s parents I drove down to Oklahoma, we had to change the wedding date because I was called back into the reserves. As I drove into Yukon I had never seen rain like it rained there I felt like the whole sky was falling down. Ended up getting married in 1970 on August 13 in the Manti Temple. This was also Grandma and Grandpa Lee’s anniversary and Grandpa Brown’s Birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Lee drove to Manti with us. They met us outside of the temple. We had our wedding temple in the cafeteria Grandma and Grandpa Lee was able to go in for the wedding dinner. Reception was in Blanding.

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