Korean Superstar

Jee Hoon joined us his junior year of high school. He’s’ been a blessing ever since.

Although we didn’t know them, we could tell he was from a strong family in South Korea. He had a strong faith. He was kind and hard working and had a compassionate spirit.

We had a lot of fun together – highlights include our trip to LA, trips to the lake to see Grandma and Grandpa, and just hanging around the house figuring out life together.

Jee had a ton of talent. He would give back to his community by playing piano at the local old folks home once a week. He was a great singer, and the churches of the area enjoyed listening to him as part of Sanctified. After the group had been together a couple of years, and he was preparing to go back to his home in Korea, he pulls out a flute and adds background to a song. I said, “If only we had known this earlier…”

Jee’s a funny guy.  One of my favorites was in the Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis.  We had just received our Sanctified CD’s with a few cool pictures of the kids.  They were admiring themselves on the CD cover.  Meanwhile, the hour we normally had to practice before services was passing fast.  I mentioned to the kids, “Hello – if we’re going to perform today we should probably get after it…”  Without hesitating, Jee quickly said, “Patience!  We are admiring Korean Superstar!”  How do you answer that?

Jee does a terrific job of keeping in touch, whether it was during his lonely military days, or in medical school, he always makes a point to keep us current on what’s going on.

His recent marriage to a terrific young girl, Jane, and the news of a little one on the way make it even better. We are blessed to be part of his family and can’t wait to meet the new ones to come.

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