Bobo Cakes

Our grandchildren are a terrific reflection of their parents.  Each is different, each is unique, all are absolutely wonderful.  As I tell Alex and Tori, I feel fortunate just to know you guys.  To think that you enjoy hanging with us is even better.  To think that Mom and I had a hand in these wonderful creations tops the cake.

We have some terrific traditions.  The kids love dancing to “Shirts and socks and underwear…”.  I enjoy singing them to sleep at night, as I did frequently with Tori and Alex.  And Bobo cakes are a requirement if we’re all together.

It’s going to be a blast watching these kids grow up.  As Jayme told Thalia, “I’m staying in shape so I can see you get married and meet your kids.”  Alex and Tori and Lindsey and Jake are wonderful parents, and the kids are wonderful people.

I’m hoping that they enjoy my Porch Swing book and Storysite, and that it helps them realize to a certain extent, where they come from.  I love you guys…

Your Loving Bobo II


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