Enjoying the Lake of the Ozarks

In 1993, Jim and I purchased our home on the Lake of the Ozarks.  We looked at several areas of the lake, and visited with friends who lived there.  We knew we wanted a place close to the water, with a great view.  Our location on Prestige Drive offered both of these – a home close to the water and a location at the intersection of the Little Niangua and the Big Niangua branches of the Lake of the Ozarks.

The house needed a lot of work.  It had been built as more of a fishing cabin.  There was no insulation, no central air conditioning.  There was a room air conditioner above the front door (now replaced by a hummingbird stained glass window) that didn’t do a very good job of cooling the house.  The small windows below the big picture windows in the living room cranked open, and leaked air so we had to cover them with plastic in the winter.

Over time, we have installed central heat and air, added insulation to the ceiling by adding another roof eight inches above the original roof.   We’ve replaced all the carpet, repainted and spruced everything up.  Then, around 2010 we added an addition to accommodate all the kids and grandkids.

Jim trimmed the trees out front to improve the view – we now get to regularly see deer, raccoons, all kinds of birds including bald eagles.  We added a boat house and extended the carport to include another tool shed.

We have most enjoyed all the family and friends who have come to visit.  We have some great memories from this place and we are making more.  Tori once told me that when we bought the lake house, we gave them another lifestyle.  That’s pretty great.



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