Enjoying the Grandkids – Living in Augusta

In 1985, Jim and I decided to move to Augusta, Kansas.  A newer neighborhood was developing on the north end of town.  Jim and I found a newer home there, across the street from a park.  It had a big basement for family get-togethers and a back yard perfect for a fish pond.

Jim got busy right away and hand dug the fish pond in the back yard.  It was three feet deep.  We brought in flat rocks to line the outside of the pond, and stocked it with coy and other attractive fish.  We both have a love of wildlife, but I don’t think we enjoyed it as much as the grandkids.  It was always the first place they would go when they would visit.

We put a pool table, ping pong table and a foosball table in the basement.  I think we hosted our and Donna’s extended families every Thanksgiving for eight years.  We have some great memories from that time.  We would always have pool, ping pong and foosball tournaments going on in addition to a whole lot of food and some great visiting and conversation.  Little Alex and Tori sang one year.  It was a great time.

I hope everyone has as great memories of that house and those times as we do.




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