The Draft

At the age of 18 all males were required to register for the draft. Each county had a selective service office where you had to register. They have a selective service office who kept track of all of the young males who were eligible for the draft. This was before the lottery so your name was just on a list and when you worked up to #1 then you were the next one to go.  Our selective service officer was a lady by the name of the Marguerite Wallace. She was a shirttail cousin of my dad but that didn’t seem to make any difference. Marguerite’s claim to fame was her son was a starting guard for the Kansas State Wildcats on the 1955 to 1957 basketball teams. We lived on the farm north of Wells at the time and I remember dad getting to go to one of the games. I’m sure that was a huge thrill for him because he just didn’t get opportunities to do things like that. Ray & Fred and I sat around the radio in the kitchen and listened to the game.

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