Back to the Farm

Pat and I returned to the farm in Kansas around the middle of December 1956. The weather was cold and wet.

Mom hired a high school boy to help her with the farm after dad had died in October. After I was home a few days she moved to Wellington, Kansas where most of her folks lived. I knew I didn’t want to be a farmer but I do like living In the country.

Friends and neighbors came one day and we cut sixty acres of sorghum and shocked in one day. Man, what a good feeling to have that done, and what a good bunch of friends they were.

I was busy feeding the livestock and couldn’t go and get a job to take care of Pat and my expense, so mom said we would have a sale in April, 1957 and rent out the farm. We sold most of the older cows at the livestock sale barn. We had the auction of the the rest of the cattle, horses and machinery in April. It really hurt to sell my horses and Dad’s work team, it made me feel like I had failed. I rode my two horses around the barn yard while they were being auctioned off, it still hurts now after fifty plus years.

The next move was to El Dorado, Kansas and we rented out the farm.

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