October 31st could have been one of my most favorite days of the year as a kid. By the first of October my friend Lora who lived a few houses from me and I would begin planning our costumes. We generally would dress in the same theme. I remember some of our costumes being witches, old ladies, and hobos. My favorite by far was the Hobo. As a matter of fact I think I was a Hobo on more than one Halloween. We didn’t have giant Halloween stores to purchase our customs so we had to make them ourselves out of clothes that we already had. Growing up in a small town that had a highway running through the middle of town we were only able to go Trick or Treating on our side of town. Unfortunately for us we lived on the smaller side of town. But we were not going to let that stop us from gathering all the candy humanly possible that night. Now Lora and I were very astute and we would have a plan as to how to hit EVERY house on our side of town. I can remember days before the 31st we would take off on our bikes to try out our new path. You see we only had a few hours in which to do this as we had a curfew. In this plan was a time where we would work our way back to one of our houses just to drop off a very heavy bag of candy. We didn’t want to take any chances of being so weighted down that we couldn’t move efficiently. There was also the possibility of a bag tearing and spilling out all of our hard work. This happened one year to me, I remember that it was cold and wet that night and my paper bag could not bare the weight of all my candy. As we where running to our next house on our path my candy spilled out onto the sidewalk! Luckily we were a team Lora and I, as I stood guard of my hard work splattered on a wet sidewalk Lora ran to the last house we were at and was able to talk them into giving us another paper bag. A very grateful me scooped up all the candy into the new bag. Now onto our route as time was ticking off our clock. I don’t know if we ever made it to every house on our side of town but I do know that there wasn’t another duo more determined to make it happen. At the end of our route we head to our separate homes to discover what treasures we were given by our neighbors and our neighbors neighbors.

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