June 8, 2015

Jonah had a pretty good night and is having a good day. The question is: can his organs like the kidneys sustain all the pressure from his tummy? His tummy is full of clotted blood because bleeding is common on this machine from the blood thinners that they can’t drain out. So far, they are doing well. Jonah is not a candidate for surgery because of the thinners but they would do it of need be. Aaron and I dont want this! So to get a head of him, we have started waking up his lungs in hopes they can prove he can be weened off ecmo and we can get the goopy stuff out of his tummy. Please pray for Jonah’s organs to stay strong under the pressure of his tummy. That his lungs get better and better. That the docs make smart decisions. That our better days are closer rather than far away. Click like or comment yes! #makeJonahglow

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