Roxanne, MIchelle, Jeff or Stacey?

Let’s just start at the beginning. It was kind of hard getting into this world. I was born breach. I went to a psychic one time. She told me she knew I had been born breach and the reason why is because I didn’t want to be born into this world. I came in to this world backwards and with difficulty. She told me my whole life would be plagued with “not quite fitting in” and “doing things the hard way.” Sometimes it does feel that way. 🙂

My parents couldn’t agree on my name. If I was a boy, I would have been named Jeff. My dad’s older sister “stole” the name Jeff and gave my cousin that name about 10 days before I was born. Luckily, I was a girl. However, would my name be Roxanne, Michelle, or Stacey? My dad really wanted Roxanne. My mom wasn’t having it….Anyone remember the Police song called Roxanne? Haha. Stacey won out.

I really like the name Stacey. It’s kind of a 1970s cheerleader name. And then of course there is the song called “Stacey’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne…..Stacey’s Mom has got it going on….which will be sung at my Mom’s funeral. BTW, her name is Karen.

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