The “Sandlot Years” – Niantic, Connecticut

The next chapter of my life was both the most memorable and tragic part of my childhood. It’s a time that both good and bad would come together to formulate a time period that would follow me forever and help shape who I am today.  As our family grew we did what most families have done, they packed up their belonging and decided to begin a new chapter in their lives in a place called Niantic, Connecticut.  Niantic was in the Village of East Lyme  now famous for the dreaded place of origin of Lymes disease – sorry June Bug.  It was and still is a small coastal town located  on the Long Island Sound.  I guess my parents were drawn to it because it brought back memories of the Jersey Shore and it’s close proximity to the Groton Navy Base/Electric Boat where my father worked.  The neighborhood they choose was called Roxbury Park.  It was a brand new like many that were popping up in the 1960’s all over the country.  Our house was a nice 3 bedroom Colonial and was one of the first being built in this neighborhood.  So my beginning experience in my new life in Niantic was not having a lot of kids to play with but having adventures climbing  in an out of newly constructed homes collecting nails

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