Some Summaries: Education, Work, Living Locations

EDUCATION (Formal and Informal) SUMMARY
Oakwood Elementary 1975 -1981
Jefferson Middle School 1981 – 1984
Preston High School 1984 -1988
Brigham Young University 1988 – 1989 and 1989 – 1990
Lift Truck Driver Certification Course
Commercial Driver’s License Multilevel Test (knowledge and skill)
Toastmasters 2016 – Past 50 years of age
John Maxwell Certification 2018
U.H.K. (University of Hard Knocks…aka life.) 1969 to Death
Formal schooling is but a small portion of what life has to teach. Regardless if a person has chosen a path of a great deal of education, or a path of learning by experience, this truth is constant: True learning is achieved when a person takes responsibility for their own learning, and feeds learning by curiosity, study, and application.



Birth to age 18 1969 to 1988
687 North 8th West
Preston, Idaho 83263

Age 18 to 19 1988 to 1989
Provo, Utah. Brigham Young University, on campus Hinckley Dorm
Pleasant Grove, Utah. Lived with my Aunt DeVonna Hansen before serving a full-time religious mission.

Age 19 to 21 1989 to 1991
South Africa: Pretoria, Witbank (two separate times), Roodeport (9 months) Welkom

Age 21 to 26 1991 to 1996
Provo and Orem, Utah
Orem, Utah. Lived with Aunt DeVonna Hansen in Orem until I married Marya Durtschi.
Provo, Utah. Lived in a single-wide, two bedroom trailer close to work for about 18 months.
Orem, Utah. Lived in s single-wide trailer that an extra room and garage had been built onto. Only live there for 6 months. Probably would not have bought it had we known a work transfer was in the near future.

Age 26 to 29 1996 to 1999
Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lived in an apartment for a few months until our home in Rigby was built and ready to occupy.
Rigby, Idaho. Lived in a three-bedroom, two bathroom home on an acre of farm ground
4257 East 100 North
Rigby, Idaho 83442

Age 29 to 50+?
Driggs, Idaho. Live in the home Marya was raised in. The total square footage is near 5000. The original structure was built in 1947. A three story cinderblock house with 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, and some smaller rooms that changed purposes. The basement is unfinished.
An addition was put on in the late 1980s of log which had a basement woodshop, one extra bathroom, and two large main level, and upstairs rooms.

We didn’t move, but our address changed due to county alterations
8 South 275 East 2195 South Stateline Road
Driggs, Idaho 83422 Driggs Idaho, 834222


When young, Dad and Mom would most often take family vacations to Portland, Oregon and the Oregon coast because three of mom’s siblings lived there. I grew to love the Oregon coast line. All up and down it.

In fact, I liked it so much that, at age fifty, I am making plans to make southwest Oregon home for at least a few months of the year. A few of the snowiest months: January to March and possibly April. As of the writing of this personal history, Marya and I have made arrangements to stay in Sutherlin, Oregon during part of winter.

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