first years of life, born in turbulent times

I like Nephi could say I was born of goodly parents. Born in a time of great turbulence world wide, World War II had begun in 1939 and lasted until 1945. I was born during this time,on November 4, 1943 in the Moab hospital. I was the fourth child to be born, but the first child to be born in the hospital. Aunt Barbara Certonio took mom because dad was out deer hunting which was a necessity for food to feed our family at this period of time. Not too long after I was born dad was drafted into the army and stationed in Texas. From there he was sent to the Phillipines; however, on the way there the war ended. The first men that got to come home were those who had two or more children so dad got to be one of the first soldiers to come home. Because dad had been drafted into the army part of the Homestead Act granted soldiers to have a parcel of land from the government. Dad was able to get land in Mustang, another part of this act stated you had to live on the land so dad had got water on the land in order to prepare for the move but before we were able to make the move, this rule changed. Luckily we did not have to move out to Mustang. Wheat was a good cash crop so dad decided to plant wheat on the land to provide money for the family. Dad was also able to go back to school and learn how to weld as part of the GI bill from serving in the millitary. With this knowledge he was able to build a large rake to remove the sage brush from the land. The land had to be cleared in order to plant wheat this took a lot of hard work and time. On one occasion while dad was out clearing the land he accidentally raked up a human skull, this he supposed was from an ancient Indian tribe who had lived on the land centuries earlier. Once the land was cleared dad planted wheat this was a very good cash crop until too much wheat was being planted to the government allowed only a certain amount of wheat to be sold each year.

Another early memory was of Uncle Woodrow and Aunt Beth that moved north of where we lived and would often come to visit. They had a daughter named Josephine who I loved to tease and torment. I was a typical mischievous young boy. We also lived not too far from Uncle Willie and Aunt Barbara Certonio they visited often and during one of their visits I was playing house with my older sister Helen. Uncle Willie say me playing with one of her dolls and told me if I didn’t stop playing with dolls he would sale me to the Indians. He didn’t always day the nicest things! However, one of my fondest memories was being able to go out to Mustang and ride on the tractor with my dad. These were good times! One day while we were out at the field on our property just out of town we ran out of water so dad asked me to feel up his water bag which was by the windmill so he could keep working. I went over to the water pump which was by the windmill, the wind was not blowing that day so the windmill had not pumped any water so that meant I would have to pump the water by hand. I went over and used the pump and went back to feel the bag up with water but no water was coming out so I went back a used the pump again after a few times of doing this and getting no water I felt discouraged and not wanting to disappoint my dad I decided to get some water from the cow trough. As I looked in to the trough there was green moss floating on top of the water so I moved the moss and because I knew there would be cow germs I blew them away and then filled that bag up with water. I returned with a full bag feeling so proud of myself but as dad drank from the bag he immediately spit out the water and asked me where I had gotten it. I told him from the cow trough but reassured him I blew all the germs away!!!!

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