Writing Songs

Shirts and Socks and Underwear: When I was a sophomore or so at KU, Father’s Day was rolling around and I realized I hadn’t gotten dad a gift. I thought back on all of the things I’d gotten for him in the past, and decided I’d write a song about it. I sang it for Dad on Father’s Day at Bob and Marilyn’s house in Topeka and Dad really enjoyed it. (In a real compliment to a song, I heard Bob signing it to himself later that day…)xxxyyy

I basically forgot about the song for about 30 years and remembered it when I was around 58 and living in Kansas City. I sang it to the grandkids once, and it was an instant hit. They loved dancing to it and exclaiming “underwear?!” whenever I sang the chorus, because I don’t think they had ever heard the word underwear used in a song before.

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