Potwin, Kansas – 1959

Potwin, Kansas was a wonderful place to grow up. I feel that way, and I think my siblings who proceeded me would agree.
Dad owned the General Electric (GE) appliance store in Potwin. He advertised in the larger cities – big savings, low overhead – and as I have heard, brought trainloads of appliances to Potwin to sell through his store. Everyone needed a TV. Then everyone needed a color TV. Everyone needed a refrigerator, and a stove. These weren’t “throw away” items at the time, so if they broke, you had someone come out and fix it.  And if you wanted to trade in your old refrigerator for a new one, you could. (I spent quite a bit of time cleaning out other people’s refrigerators…).

So dad had an active business selling, delivering, trading, and repairing appliances.  He was a Catholic man in a Mennonite community, but his personality pretty much won every body over.

Potwin was a town of about 500 people.

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